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why ?


LawnSite Member
why is it that half the people here have to much work and the other half are busy crying about low ballers and scrubs just curious we have enough work right now and it rolls in at a slow steady pace our two man outfit makes good money we work 4 days a week I guess i don't get it you can't throw a dead cat around here without hitting a scrub low baller or massive lco and we still find work no problem we also take great pride in selling a service and doing a quality job just like most here I love the three day weekend I may never be a millionaire but plan to be sitting pretty good in a couple years any thoughts


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Southern Indiana
I think its mostly geographical. Some areas of the US are flooded with LCO's and the customer ratio may be lower than others. Other areas have pricey homes poping up every where and not enough LCO's to go around.
Of coarse, some of the LCO's that are complaining about not enough work may be priced too high, do crappy work or are too arrogant. By arrogant I mean I have a long time customer that is a little picky but is kind and fast payer. She has three kid and when they were young, she asked her lawn guy if he could not mow from 12 noon to 2 because her kid napped durring that time & the guy dumped her on the spot. I found it a bit of a hassle, but shes the customer. Ive had her now for over ten years. Just finished mulching her home (15 yards of dark hardwood) today. She is a good customer now & her kids are grown so I cut when I want now. His loss.


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Blacklick, OH
I'd have to agree. Work availability seems to hang intently upon where you are located. Plenty of new construction all around the Columbus, OH region and plenty of work for organizations of all sizes...at least, that's the way I see it.

Of course, it's all about how you sell yourself also. Some people are good at it...others, well, are not.


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Went to an exmark open house today at one of the 5 mower shops with in 10 min from me. I talked to most of the majors that have 10+ crews. Talk was mostly of downsizing due to the amount of competition of the solo guy with the craftsman. Rates fell sharp this year at about a 15% loss of customers from last year. I have had to adjust my rates a little to get the ole route tight. None the less taking a lower price and haveing a significant drop in windsheild time is still making me more than driving all over he;; and charging more. One new guy this year took commercial accounts by storm. 3 major companies took over a 50% loss on commercial accounts since this guy bid so low. I don't expect him to be around this time next year but it hurts the prices none the less.
Yes there are more houses out there than any of us can handle but for the most part the prices to get the job are lower than in years past.
Oh well tighten the route and buy bigger and make more money.
Good luck to all this season.


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I have seen more lco running around town then I have before but I think they buy and some lawn mowers and just pull it around all day looking pretty because we still get alot of calls from customers saying they called so and so and they never would come out or they would come and give them a price but never come back and cut it.
so around here I think it is the in thing to have a truck full of mowers.


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Here in Houston, we are fooded with illegals with crapsman mowers that will do your yard for $10-15. They last for maybe a summer then you'll never see them again; but someone will fill their shoes shortly after.