Wide Area Mower Decision Help


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Highland, MI
So I have a 2014 Cub Cadet 33" Wide Area Walk Behind that just blew up. It is 5 years old and worked well until last night. I have not completely torn down the motor yet but there is a 2" hole in the crankcase housing (See picture below). I bought the mower new for $1,200 but if it needs a new motor or top end it probably isn't worth fixing since the motor is about $800 and the new crankcase assembly is $500.

Any recommendations on a new wide area walk behind? I have just over 1/2 of an acre to mow with a lot of flower beds. The front yard is also on a slope around 15 degrees.

Any help or input would be appreciated.


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Look at used ZTRs 32" or bigger depending in gates etc.

Kent Lalley Kut Kwick Co

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You'll definitely want to find out what is the max slope you can mow. 15 degrees is too steep for most air cooled engines. That could have caused the rod to lose lubrication and then lock up and break which then put the hole in the side of your block.