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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TFL, Sep 22, 2001.

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    i havnt read all this as ill get knocked fore i can finish this .
    but the person to talk to ,i think would be eric . i think i read where he said he had a 2 acre minumum. later now
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    Tony he is asking about 3 acres or more and he has 6 already that are 5 to 7 acres each.

    At one time I mowed at a factory that was on 5 acres and 4 acres of it was turf, but they added on to it and now there is nothing left to mow. :(

    I am reading this thread with interest since I've thought about getting into bigger lawns also. I think I would go with a 72" ZTR with a 72" Pup. A 12' cut would cover a lot of turf in a day. This is just in the thinking stage so far, but I am going to keep on reading this thread. ;)
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    I talked to my neighnor who is also a tractor dealer. He told me he had numoruos people ask him if anyone around did this type work before buying a tractor to do it themselves. if i were to switch to only this tsize yards i would be the only one in a 60 mile area. I am going to demo some equipment and check with my creditor but i think that i am going to try to make this switch. I'm going to keep qa few of my small comercial and large residential 2 or less acres until i get a good base of wide area clients.
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    I do one large property, a banquet facility.
    It says on their website that it's 60+ acres but when you subtract the ponds, buildings and roads/parking lots it's about 35-40 I think.
    I do the mowing in anywhere from 14-18 man hours and then another 8 to trim it. If we hustle we get it done in one long day.
    I do the whole thing with a 72" & a 52" ztr.
    I thought about getting a larger mower(hustler range wing or similar) for this job but then it wouldn't be cost effective to have it sit just there.
    I might pick up another 60"-72" Z to do it faster then with the 52"
    because I can use that other places also.

    Dan G.

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