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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by shm, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. shm

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    Hey all...I just purchased a used Troy Bilt wide cut mower 33inch deck...i got a great deal on it- under $900...it retails for about 1400..anyway..i figured I'd give it a shot....I haven't been happy with the cut...and the blades are sharp....I have an acre of lawn that I mow...and it seems that the pick-up or "Vacuum action" on this mower isn't very good...anyone else use this mower before?.....also If I decide to get rid of it...what would anyone suggest for buying a commercialwalk behind- pref. would be a 36-48 inch deck tops...under 2500...suggestions welcome....i mostly mulch when i mow so i am looking for something that mulches and "stripes" the lawn well and of course gets a "clean" cut
  2. ElephantNest

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  3. shm

    shm LawnSite Member
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    which model...how much?...i haven't looked at these at all so give me some insite if you could

  4. bob

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    Watch those front plastic wheels on the Troy Built. My friend has one and he says that they break easily.
  5. jrc lawncare

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    I'm with the nest on this one. EXMARK the one!!!!!:blob3:
  6. joed

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    I went through the same decisions as you earlier this year. I first got to try out a troy bilt. It is a good homeowner machine but it is not suited for commercial applications and it does not leave a good cut. Like you, I noticed that the mower lacked air flow and thus the grass was never lifted up and seemed like it was being matted. Then I got to try a 32" Toro and a 32" Ferris Hydro. Both were like being taken from the dark ages into the 21st century especially with the Ferris. They are way stronger, more productive and leave a much nicer cut. My advice to you is if you have the work and the money, sell the Troybilt and go out a get a nice commericial walk behind. You will be much happier and more confident when cutting and your customers will probably be more confident in you. Good Luck.
  7. shm

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    Joed..thanks so much for the feedback...i thought i was going nuts when i would literally see the mower blow away a leaf instead of mulching it with the troy bilt.....i was looking at the snapper 36 inch version...but i will take a look at the toro...not sure if there is a ferris dealer around here...what kind of prices am i looking at for those?...i'd like to spend less than 2500....i was also looking at the John deere Gs30 and gs45...2500 and 2900 respectively....

    thanks again
  8. shm

    shm LawnSite Member
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    how much for the exmark version....i'm assuming the metro or metro hp?
  9. ElephantNest

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    $1999.00 eXmark metro 36" belt
  10. shm

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    okay- so if i get rid of the troy bilt - here are my options...and I'm not sure of prices here....i don't want to spend over 2500...I'd prefer 2000

    anyway-here are my options
    exmark metro 36 inch deck maybe HP model...price?
    snapper 32 inch..i think there 36 inch is too expensive?
    toro -32 or 36 inch deck

    any thoughts?
    any prices?.....the 36 inch fixed deck for the exmark metro 2g

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