Wide Spread Severe Weather Outbreak today thorugh Friday - eastern half of the US.

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    An unusually strong late Spring storm is forming over the Central Plains this afternoon. As an upper level system moves south and east into Nebraska and Kansas later today, an area of significant severe weather is likely to form over southwest Nebraska, much of Kansas, Oklahoma and norther and central Texas as well as western Arkansas and western Missouri. Tornadoes, hail generally 1 to 2 inches in diameter with a risk of up to 4 inch hail stones over parts of southern Kansas and northern Nebraska and damaging winds, possibly on a wide scale later tonight over Oklahoma and north Texas. Some of the straight line winds out ahead of what will be line segments and full meso-scale convective systems will be as high as 90 mph for a sustained period of up to a minute or two. These winds can be as destructive or more destructive than tornadoes.

    Tomorrow, a wide spread area from east Texas and eastern Oklahoma into the Tennessee and Missouri river valleys and over much of the Ohio Valley will experience a continued risk of extremely severe thunderstorms. Destructive winds and tornadoes will be the main threat, however a few very large hail reports are possible. One or two of the tornadoes may be strong with long track potential.

    By Friday, this area shifts east to the entire eastern sea board. From the Appalachians to the coast will experience severe weather. Destructive winds and large hail will be the main threat, but a few tornadoes will still be likely.

    We will be issuing special live broadcasts on the National Video section of LawnSite Weather. We will set up a message 10 minutes before we put these special videos up. Keep an eye on your regions radar as we will post all watches and warnings on their site. Also, check the Severe Weather page and keep monitoring the podcasts and videos.

    Due to the nature of this outbreak and its extended length, we would like to offer you a single 3 day storm trial. If you would like to sign up today for a WeatherPRO trial period of 1 month at $200, we will offer you the next 3 days free. If you would like access to the WeatherPRO service for the next 3 days only, we have a $60 per stormtrialrate which will cover the progression of theis storm from beginning to end. Remember, WeatherPRO is our personalized service providing street level radar, text messages and emails updating you on the very latest weather in your coverage area. We can do site hour to hour forecasts and give your crews plenty of time to move out of harms way. You will also have 24 hour access to our weather center hotline where you can speak directly to the LawnSite Meteorologist.
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