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Width of trailer


LawnSite Senior Member
Central Ohio
I would like to get a 36 and 48 walkbehinds side by side on a trailer. Problem is road legal width. 6'10'' is the maximum between wheel wells. We found out we can have our trailer built to the outside of the wells. This way, if the mowers fit behind the wells, it will work.
1. Do any of you have a setup to fit a 36 and 48 side by side?
2. What are your ideas for setting up a trailer for a 36 and 48 walkbehind with a 60 in rider.

Note-I used graph paper to map out the trailer and mower sizes, so I have a pretty good idea of how different senarios fit. This is a great way to help you see what size trailer you might need.


LawnSite Senior Member
Charlotte NC
You can have a trailer that is built above the wheel wells- like snow mobile trailers- now you have all of your 102" to use.

Or, you could build a dove ramp to go over the wheel wells, sort of like a trailer bump so you dont drive to fast over it, if you know what I mean :D


LawnSite Senior Member
I have a 77"wide.My 48w/b and a 21" fits perfect side by side.I fit a 48w/b,2 21's,a61"turf tiger and a 42"lawntractor sideways on tailend.I'ts a 77"x 16 tandom axle.--its full!!

Metro Lawn

LawnSite Silver Member
They will fit side by side in the nose of an 8' enclosed (past the wheel wells)