Wierd Subscription Calls

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    Hi Guys -

    David here -- Executive Editor at MRP.

    We've had several reports of people receiving telemarketing calls from someone who says they're from MRP, asking if you'd like to subscribe or renew your subscription to one of our magazines. We've had reports of this happening with SportsField Management and Landscape Construction.

    MRP does not use phone services to get subs/renewals. We are very strict about this, because a personally requested sub in writing (either with a post card or on an internet sub form at one of our Web sites) is a far more valuable subcriber to our advertisers than a phone solicitation (a written sub must be signed by the person who is actually requesting the magazine; a phone sub can be requested by anyone at that phone number). The other magazines do it. We don't.

    If any of you receive a telephone call asking you to subscribe or renew any MRP publication, we sure would appreciate it if you could get as much info from the person as possible -- name, name of their company, where they're calling from, and best of all -- if you have caller I.D. on your phone, a phone number they're calling from.

    Get what information you can and give either me or our Circulation Director, Kathy Upton a call at 800-422-7147, or drop us an email at dcassidy@mrpllc.com or kupton@mrpllc.com.

    If any info you give us leads to us solving this mystery, I'll buy you and your wife or girlfriend (but not both!) a steak dinner.

    Thanks for your help.


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