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The other day one of my guys was running one of the lazer mowers, and all of a sudden the engine started knocking and smoking. We changed the oil 3 days prior, and there was oil in it, but burnt bad. The exmark dealer told us that the spark plug was busted in the engine. How i don't know, the guy was on an open field, and it had been run at least 20 or so hrs. I am hoping that this is covered, but I just thought that this was really wierd. Any of you ever had a situation like this.


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Had a rod knock a baseball size hole in the side of the block on my old SCAG 48". I had bought it used. It was a 14hp Briggs Vanguard with ???? hrs on it. I knew it was tired and could hear the rod knock, but went on using it till it blew. Still have the chunk of aluminum laying around somewhere. Not too much oil came out because the engine stopped pronto Tonto. Only was about 25 feet away from my garage!!! Believe it or not, I replaced it with another Vanguard. Ran great. They were a quiet engine.


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