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    7yrs ago My wife did not work and wanted to bring in a little income. So we put out 100 flyers. Then we got 10 jobs. So wife starts cuting the lawns.(the only lawn she had ever cut before was are 1500sqft front lawn.) Had good snapper and homlite weedeater and robyi blower. First week two a day and i mean all day. The next week when I was geting off of work she was still cuting. So I would help so we could get home. The 3 week i stoped doing any house work and started cuting the lawns at night. I traded house work for mowing. went fine that year.

    The next year people call and ask if I was still cuting I say ya. 60 days later i have an old exmark 36" start kicken a now. Worked hard and always got work. Then my bro see little bro doing well and wants to start his own set up. helped out things work out fine. That winter bro and I think that two 36" are faster then One. so lets work with each other.

    4 yrs later I have a full time job (for health Ins) and bro and i have 50+ cust and just like the grass are bus just grows and grows and grows but we still have the snapper and it is the mower that i started with but never leaves the trailer.(to small to mow with for me Ha Ha)

    thats what i have from hard work (still dont do house work wife is ok with that.):p

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