wife wants to offer flower bed maintenance for my mowing customers but..

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.....bed maintenance will be on a separate day independent of my route or schedule. She thinks $15 an hour is to much to charge. I think it not nearly.enough.

Here are the facts .....we don't work well together and the lawn biz has been a thorn in her side for years....long story.

I was surprised she even brought this up. She has a token job at my son's school. And really needs a real.summer job.

She doesn't think things through and has a time clock mentality.

I just don't want to have to assume her work if she bails on this at some.beat down rate.

Fire away.
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Tell her to get a job at a local nursery that offers employee discounts.
Another detail is flower beds need work well before June and after September.
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A few quick thoughts that come to mind is how will she handle it when it gets hot? It all sounds good until you have to do it in 90 degree temps. Think you don't work well together now can you imagine what it'll be like in 90 degrees? If she bails out you will have to pick up where she leaves off since they are your regular accounts. Will you be able to add that into your schedule? Has she ever worked with you before in the biz? Can she take direction from you when your on the job? Is this easier for her to create a job with you instead of finding a summer job herself? And my final thought is 15 dollars an hour is not nearly enough.


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Great add on service, my daughter looks after all ours. Price for us is for the job, more then quoting a per/hr price, as that seems to scare people off around here.