Wife working side by side earns new respect?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by adam.neusbaum, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. adam.neusbaum

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    A friend of mine said she gained a whole new perspective on where the household spending money comes from after working the lawn service with her husband all season long.
    Any of you hard-working ladies or gentlemen wish your spouse would stick with you for a month or two & gain a whole new level of respect instead of how things are going now?
    Another friend has to nearly beg his stay at home wife/mom to get the billing started each month(much less completed). She acts so put out if he ask for any assistance.
    So while he's hammering away at 40+ hours a week managing his 150+ accounts she's having a PLAY-DAY nearly every day.
    Whenever I ask her: "So what'd you do today"? she replies, "Just sat around bored all day".
    Having seperate accounts my wife recently whined about only having $7 in hers. I suggested she reconsider her PLAY-DAYS with our friend when it comes to lunchtime. Instead of The Cheesecake Factory maybe they should think of Wendy's or something less extravagent.
    I'm not downplaying the level of attention & work required for watching & raising our child at all.
    Part of the reason my friend tells his wife they are broke all the time is 'cause he knows she'll go buy $250 dolls & plastic junk for their 2 year-old girl otherwise.
    Starting next week I'm delegating part of the pine-straw delivery service to my wife so then maybe she'll understand that I buy trucks & equipment as tools & not as toys.
  2. jrs.landscaping

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    My wife wouldn't last more than 30 min. nevermind 30 days, I work 7 days a week, come home and play with my boys, help with supper, baths, bedtime. Some people have no concept of money so no matter how hard it is to earn it that money will still burn a hole in their pocket. My wife and I have a good understanding, her and the kids are provided for, and she limits the complaints about money.
  3. Duekster

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    Well my wife is a victim of a layoff and tough job market. She has brought much money into our household and pulled her share.

    I have worked toward getting her more involved but she resist. One is as my old joke goes- If you work for yourself, then you work for the biggest a-hole in the world. That goes double if your married to the A-hole. Many of us are so anal about how we do things our spouses do not want that to be a point of contention in the marriage.

    Lord knows there are plenty of them without mixing in business. I need to relax some and know there is no way she is going to learn the whole thing over night.

    I suspect when when yours says she was bored all day she is yanking your chain. She might have dusted, mopped, cleaned your crappy toilet and is going to fix your dinner as well as wash the dishes.

    I still want her help cause she is a good business person. She loves me and that is hard to do.
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  4. TuffWork

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    Mine got laid off 6 months ago. Since then she has gotten together with my accountant and finally gotten my quickbooks situation lined out, as well as putting together a solid billing system (which is better than my method of just dropping them all off - with a form that I plug the numbers in by hand) , and she answers the phone.

    This is great because it finally allows me to do the things I do best. Which is not paper work. I'm good at managing, estimating, and doing irrigation work. None of those thing can be done by anyone else in the company at this point, so I'm glad I have her so that I don't have to take on more responsibilities than I need to.

    Now I'm not gonna do like some on here and act like life is all peaches and cream. It does put (alot) more stress on the relationship, but in the end it can be worth it. Because you don't just have a bookeeper or secretary: you have an ally. She helped with leaf cleanups last year, and she's helping put up christmas lights this year. Luckily her dad was a painter so she's not scared to get on a ladder.
  5. Duekster

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    Who said it was peaches and cream? Besides I like angry birds :D She thinks I am a mad pig :(
  6. inzane

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    my wife won't even take out the trash, or walk to the mailbox. she cut the grass one time when i was out of work hurt, it didn't go so great. she's good on the phone though, and excellent at selling (she excels at sales at her current job) she is gonna be of use to me in that arena in the future.. with sales, and collections.. lol. she's just not cut out for manual labor. she works pretty hard at her current job,and will be the main source of income next year as i get my business going. i feel lucky to have her, she would gladly come home from work and help me anyway she could.. she still insists she wants to help me out in the field too. but i just know she wouldn't last 5 minutes outside. lol.
  7. knox gsl

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    Mine has helped me in the past but as of now not really that much. I've seen her load mulch for hours on end and carry a timmer all day so its not like she can't. She has earned my respect for helping when we couldn't afford to hire some and she doesn't question new equipment as she knows that its to be more productive.
  8. Ducke

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    My wife was laid off last year right in the middle of my first season as a independent lawn care company, Times were tough but we managed to make it though. This year she was still not working so she came to help me out. She loves the work and I love working with her so we made a great team. I have managed to triple my customer base in 2012 and plan on more growth in 2013.
    If it weren't for my wife's help this year I'm don't know if I would be were I am today. But alas she is going to go back to an office job that pay better money then I do (I didn't pay her at all) to help pay the bills and keep the house and car etc. I will miss her next year it won't be the same out there with some young fellow as a mow partner.
  9. dstifel

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    im not married but been in the same relationship for the past 3 years and i would never dream of asking her to help me. Besides the point that imo work is a good chance to get away with everything at home. I don't feel like i would want to mix the two. I can understand how if she did what i did for a period of time she would get less pissy when i do work all weekend and can't make dinner or lunch with her parents or a family birthday party. That gets very annoying to me, yes i would rather be sitting on my ass eating but thats not what is going to build me a successful business that pays the bills.
  10. caseysmowing

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    My wife helps me sometimes when I'm busy or she isn't working. It's not easy to work with her because it's frustrating when she can't do some basic stuff right. I think of it as common sense stuff but if you aren't use to doing yard work your whole life I guess you just haven't learned it yet. She also fatigues a lot quicker and isn't as strong. But all in all some help is better than no help and I'm lucky to have one that will help.
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