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Wild Life in customers landscaping

I have a customer who lives in the country on a 200+ acre farm. She is having problems with wild turkeys getting into her landscape beds and scatching out the mulch, and flowers. Do you know of anything to keep them out of the beds? Something that is natural/organic would be preferred by this customer, or something that will impact the environment minimally.


LawnSite Bronze Member
No.VA, zone 7
Natural, organic Roast Turkey with Dressing and all the trimmings--Yummmmm. Just kidding.
Don't know, but maybe some of the goose deterents would work. Check with Lesco for a product that they distribute called 'Flight Control'.
Also, have you called your extension agent?


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morristown, nj

would it be possible to fence in the areas, or fence in the area with most of the beds. It is probably not feasible to fence in the whole property, but maybe just certain areas.

Chech out a company called Benner's Gardens (they are on the web) They have a excellent line of wildlife fencing that may be of some help. The stuff is great, very easy to use, works excellent, and is not expensive. May be a good way to go.

My experience with other products has never been very good. Though there are a lot of spray on deterrents, noise deterrents, etc., I feel none of them really work all that well or none of them are easy to use in that they require constant applications to keep their effectiveness. The fencing at least does not require much upkeep after installation.