wildcat? turf tiger? Dixie Chopper? someone please help me

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by lalexopoulos, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. lalexopoulos

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    Hello everyone, I am new to this site and would like to thank Tom from the Carlisle area for refering me to this site. I moved to the Dillsburg are with my family on 8 acres... a little more land than what I needed... actually a lot more, but the children love it and so does the wife... so I have to be happy about that. The dilema I am faced with is tha I have no idea what machine to buy. I started with looking at the Scag first, I moved onto the Ferris because of the suspension and than in passing the Kubota and most recently the Dixie Chopper. Fro the start I always favored the Scag Turf Tiger because of the Kawasaki engine, the Ferris is great because of the suspension, I think... but the Dixie Chopper is very enticing too because of the 33 HP engine, only it is a Generac Gaurdian engine... not a name like Kohler or better yet Kawasaki.In some ways, I feel the Chopper is over priced sort of, with a roll bar, 72" deck and the 33 hp engine it comes in at $9900.
    But the machine is just a big box... nuts and bolts... not many, if any at all, bells and whistles. The Scag on the other hand is just at $8500 with a roll bar, a seat that moves foward and backward... the Chopper needs to be unbolted first and than adjusted... it's just too inconvinient... a smaller deck at 61". The Ferris is very expensive... I favor the 5000 model which they tell me is municipal and extreme overkill for 8 acres at once a week cutting maybe 2 during peak. So for price alone, that particular model is out.
    I would really appreciate any insight any of you can give me. I have no clue which one to buy and likewise with the season almost over, is it better to wait and buy a little later? For now I have been using my churchs' JD tractor and it is okay, but I need a zero turn, I want to spend the better part of my Saturday with the children rather than mowing, I just wish I knew which machine I should by, actually finance.
    Thank you in advance to everyone who can help me with this overwhelming problem I am faced with.
  2. cborden

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    See if your local dealers will let you demo each machine, that is the only way to tell which machine works best for you. In my opinion, I'd say go with the SCAG Turf Tiger. I have three 61" Tigers. I am very hard on equipment and have never had any major problems.
  3. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I dont own any of thoose mowers but I do own a Scag tiger cub and its really a nice machine, never have used a dixie chopper so I cant tell you anything good or bad about them.
  4. Big Hoss

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    Are there no Hustler dealers in your area ?

    Big Hoss
  5. Restrorob

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    I know nothing about the other two units you are looking at, But I do know Dixie Choppers. Generac has been in business for years supplying the industry with generators and stand-by power plants. D.C. has worked with Generac to build the engine you see today on their units. Everbody knows of the blown head gasket and starter problems that Kohler has been plagued with the past few years, Thats one of the reasons D.C. has turned to Generac.
    Dixie Choppers are built with the Commercial User in mind. Thats keeping the unit simple, No bells and whistles to have to deal with and no extra body parts to remove to gain access to maintance items.
    I have worked on many different brands of home owner and commercial units over my 14yrs. and if I had a choice I would work on nothing but Dixie Choppers but the problem with that is they don't break down often enough to keep me busy.
    Here is a link where you can get all the information you would like on the Dixie Chopper.
    Good luck in your shopping.

  6. Travis Followell

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    Look at an IS 4500 Ferris. Its smaller than the IS 5000. The 4500 has a 28 hp Cat diesel and a 61" deck and it has the smoothest suspension system of any of the Ferris machines. It used front wheel independent suspension and rear wheel active performance suspension where all other larger frame Ferris machines use 4 wheel IS so the 4500 is the smoothest riding machine on the market period. Thats what i'd recommend.
  7. lalexopoulos

    lalexopoulos LawnSite Member
    from York
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    Thanks to all for you much valued input. Can you please share with me if I need to be looking at a water cooled or an air cooled engine? I tell you... the turf tger is looking more like the one I need to buy. It has a larger footprint than the others do and it seems like it will handle a little better on some slight grades that I have. Any thoughts on the Turf Tiger?
  8. Travis Followell

    Travis Followell LawnSite Silver Member
    from KY
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    The Scags are good machines. I say get a liquid cooled because it will be more fuel efficient, quieter, and last twice as long.

    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    Do a scag tt get the 35 horse v g the resale will always be there.
  10. lalexopoulos

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    Is there much of a difference in speed, quality of cut, endurance overall longevity of mower in the 35 HP vs the 31 HP? Can the extra cost be justified? And what about extra maintanance on the Liquid cooled model... is it a myth?

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