will a 52 fit on a pick up


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I don't have a trailer, I don't really want to take that step. Now i have a 36, it easily fits in my truck, i know a 48 will fit between the wheels (my uncle does it). If I load it so that the caster wheels are between the wheel wells, and the back wheels are on the tailgate, then I chain it down good. Do you think a 52 inch mower would fit on my truck? I would like to get a great dane/wright, would they fit better? do you think a floating deck (scag ultimate/turf tracer/ toro) would fit, does the floating make the mower wider or longer?

Tony S

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Webster MA
I have goten 2 52" walkbehinds both in a 8' pickup bed at one time. (tailgate left down) I have only done this once when I first bought them. It will fit, but you won't have much room for anything else.

little green guy

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now that i don't have a trailer i have to put my mowers in the back of the truck and we fit a 52" and a 48" in the truck with the tailgate down. I put the 52" in first by lifting the deck over and it fits perfeect.(it's a fixed deck hydro walkbehind) then the 48" right behind it.


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I used to put one on a standard 8' bed. I have a tailgate ramp and I backed it up the ramp. I have also seen guys build a platform above the wheels for the mower to sit on. then they slid trimmers and oter tools under it.

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