Will CC Scale die at average lows in the 50's?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Florida Gardener, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. I treated some Copperleaf a few months back for the CC Scale and one plant has some that just popped up. Maybe I missed it?? Anyways, we are getting a big drop in temps this week and starting Wed we will have lows in the 50's for the whole week. Will this be enough to kill the scale or should I re-treat?
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    Sorry Diamond

    Cottony Cushion Scale does NOT die in the low 30's let alone the 50's. Get some Lada or Dominion (Generic Imidacloprid) and start treating all shrubs and you won't have those problems.
  3. Wow, they are some tough SOB's, huh. Thanks Ric. I have Dominion, but what do you think about Meridian? Also, should I do a drench or will foliar be OK? It seems when I do foliar for scale, it knocks most out, but you miss some.
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    You can literally spray CC Scale off of a plant with straight water. Why use insecticide that you really don't need???

    A watering can and a Eye Dropper is all you need to do a root drench with Imidacloprid. Read the label, it calls for 1.5 oz of Imidacloprid per 100 gallons. But remember this is a preventive treatment NOT CURATIVE.

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