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Will centipede choke out zoysia and other zoysia questions


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Currently, I have an ESTABLISHED yard of zoysia. My problem is that when it's in the growing season late April- first of Sept. it produces alot of clippings. When I use the bagger I usually fill up 2 40 gal bags with clippings, if I do not bag the clippings there's so many lying on the lawn it looks terrible. Also, leaving the clippings behind causes thatch problems.

I am a homeowner with a Cub Cadet 42"-18hp Kohler. I use mulching blades but the zoysia is so thick it doesn't seem to matter. I was thinking about spreading about 10lbs of centipede since it appears much easier to maintain. Most of my neighbors have centipede and I probably get 3X's as many clippings. I have so much I don't have any use for it and no place to put it. Will the centipede choke out the zoysia over time?

What mower height should I set my mower to 1,2,3...? At the start of the season I try to keep at 2, but it gets so thick my mower bogs down and then I raise the height to 3. This seems to help the mower, but as the season progresses I have a terrible thatch problem. What gives?? Also, I currently follow the Scotts program online which is calling for "weed N feed" for the month of April. Is this a good program to follow for a homeowner?

I know the answer to most of my problems can be solved by hiring a GOOD lawn company, but I'm from the south and we rarely hire folks to do our yards if there's nothing physically wrong with us. Not to mention I can't afford to hire someone!

I just found this site last week while researching backpack blowers...LOVE IT!!! Very informative, I've always been interested in lawn care since my first home 12 years ago.

Thanks for any help you all can give!

Focal Point Landscapes

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Macon Ga.
Welcome to the site - your centipede plan will not work , its unlikely that the seed would even make contact with the soil and even if it germinated it could never choke out zoysia . Zoysia is an extremely dense turfgrass that should be cut with a reel mower , the rotary mower just beats the grass , which usually leaves a ragged cut. At minimum , keep your blades very sharp - but that won't help your clippings issue very much . I think that comes with having zoysia .


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coastal NC
well, we are in the south (NC as well) and plenty of people hire us, and the many other companies here to cut their lawns......

first what type of zoysia??
is it a Meyers or meyers hybrid, or a fine blade like emerald or palisades?

a fine blade needs a reel mower, but a coarse blade meyer, crown or el toro can easially be cut with a rotary.

second, clippings DO NOT CREATE THATCH when mulched.

if you want to eliminate the zoysia the best way is to rent a sod cutter and cut out the zoysia. then install the centipede.