Will drilling small holes in the deck mess air flow up?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Rll131, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Rll131

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    Wanted to add a mud lap right behind the deck for striping about 2 inches lower. There are no holes so I was going to drill two small holes for 2 bolts and washers to attach a mudflap. Will this hurt air flow or the strength of the deck. It's a 36 inch snapper pro?
  2. Patriot Services

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    No worries. Just make the heads protrude from the inside out so you don't catch a blade.
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  3. Rll131

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    Thanks for the reply ya ill make sure to do that.
  4. BigFish

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    You can also use carriage bolts, or better yet, go to the hardware store's plumbing section and get ya a couple toilet flange mounting bolts. They usually come in a bubble pack and include some oval or fender type washers and some rubber washers. The good thing about using them is that they have a flat oval or rectangular head that wont protrude at all. Some are brass, some are plated steel, and some are stainless.
    I've used em for all kinds of projects.


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  5. foreplease

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    I drilled 8 extra 3/8" holes in the top of my first Z's deck to increase air flow through the deck. Worked great.

    An American Legion team I work with got a Toro Z62 a few years ago and we ordered Toro's striping kit with it. We ended up taking it off because it cut down on air flow too much to get good clippings disbursement. It was exactly the type you described above. I made a chain drag for my Z. It does not stripe as well as some of the roller kits but does a pretty good job. Helps break up clippings too

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