Will gas prices ever destroy this industry?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by georgialawn88, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. georgialawn88

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    Whoe gets concerned about gas prices? if your in fert business its a petroleum based product plus gets delivered on truck which use deisel. ferts going up every year which makes our prices go up. If your cutting grass same thing. your at a house then gone in 30 minutes driving. mowers blowers everything is ran off gas. Will it get so bad one day people say you know what forget spraying my yard, and ill push my own yard. Seems these r 2 things that will go very fast. am i over thinking? we can always raise our prices to have the same profit margin but how much will customers take before saying screw it im done? or will just the bad companies fail and good ones continue on their path.... im just thinking out loud but its febuary. gas is supppossed to be at its lowest level. oil is now 95.00/barrel. just kinda scary. thoughts?
  2. grassman177

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    ya, its not February......... lol
  3. georgialawn88

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    ok im sorry 6 days from febuary. i figured you were smart enough to know what i meant. im sorry its january 26th. that better? same difference. either way its the season for low gas prices. thanks for the help!!!
  4. Sprinkler Buddy

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    In short NO!

    There will always be those that can't do it themselves and those that are too lazy to do it themselves. While we may here a little more complaints, they will continue to pay just as we do ourselves.
  5. wegomow

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    No. we'll adjust prices and lower overhead and move on.
  6. larryinalabama

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    I think the "tipping" point would be 7.00$ per gallon.
  7. georgialawn88

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    if thats the case i think that we will see 6.99 eventually. wherever that tipping point is it will be pushed. if it was 3.00 then gas wouldnt go over 2.99.
  8. skorum03

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    Its weird to think that right now, if gas costs anywhere right around $3.00 it seems very acceptable, which is just plain wrong.

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  9. Jaybrown

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    There is all electric zero turns now. They barely make any sounds compared to gas Its way less on operator costs and maintenance. But i think the mower is $20,000. Maybe $25000. You can run all day for a couple dollars in electricity. Then you can sell to your customers a green alternative. It's called the Green Machine.
  10. seabee24

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    Will it destroy the industry, no

    Will it change the industry, yes

    Owners and operators will have to be conservative. Battery option equipment is the waive of the future. Personally I'm all for it. Less fuel, less maintenance, less down time with battery operated.

    A bigger concern is if fuel would jump up, we would increase pricing....so would every other service in every industry. So the guy that owns a restraunt now has all his bills double (not just mowing). So he raises prices and at some point people will not want to eat out as much....restraunt goes under, and you loose a client. This would happen in every industry

    It's the low ballets that will kill this industry

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