will i make enough money

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Brian B, Sep 26, 2006.

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    you can be realistic and not be an assss hole ... say No you have no chance of doing it and end it at that
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    PM!!!! You werent supposed to tell anyone!!!
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    so, you think that if he waits to make enough in the summer that his clients will not hire some one else to plow for them? most likely they will drop him because he doesnt offer plowing and most people want to deal with one contractor..let me guess you do it part time right?? because if you were full time you would know that he cant sit on his a-- all winter.... so i think that if anyone will come and go, it will be you !!!
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    listen dude

    break it down backwards

    you need 4K so what will it take you to get there

    ok so you need equipment......1K for a commercial 26" walkbehind

    2K for handhelds

    you have a truck right

    so now you need ramp gate.....1k to make it even

    other ****.....you will always need other **** 1K

    so you are up to 5K in equipment + your 4k for a plow

    another 1k in starting business expenses like insurance so you are at 10K even

    now NOT counting all of the expenses to operate like gas/oil/blades/diesel/weed/food/living/pussy you need to get 10K+ expenses to have 4K left for a plow

    so now ha can you get that....since you plow you are in a yankee state so you mow 32 times a year or something like that so 10k / 32 weeks is 312.5 that you need AFTER ASS GAS AND GRASS to cover the equpiment and save for the plow

    so now say a "yard" is 35 a pop so 312 /35 = about 9 lawns a week to make 312.5

    NOW you need to figure out what ass gas and grass will cost you and add that to the 312.5 you need to bring in per week and regigger the numbers
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    but in Ohio, I don't think you can count on 32 cuts. My high end customers get 30 cuts, and 6 of those "cuts" are centered around spring and fall clean up tasks. My basic weekly customers recieve 24 cuts per season, this seems to be pretty close to standard.

    I aproach my business plans as huh described. What is my end goal? How much money do I need to have to achieve goal? divide by the number of weeks I want to work a year and now I know what I need to make a week. Then I go out and find customers that allow me to earn that amount weekly.

    Play with microsoft excel.

    DOn't forget to take the time to be legit. LLC registration is $125 and sales tax license is $25 in ohio. Expect to pay $800 or more per year for insurance. I added a snow removal division to my company and my insurance costs were unaffected except that I choose to raise my liability limits coverage on my truck.

    I'm not sure that I agree with PM that lawn and plow need to be separate businesses. Both my lawn and snowbusiness are focused on a simmilar goals, my plowing makes my lawn care insurance, phones, internet ect more affordable, cause now use them year round.

    I started my lawncare business in September and have made enough money to cover my expenses and buy a plow for the winter. If you start in spring you can make enough if you choose to make enough.
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    well a plow isnt necessary this year or even next year if i dont happen to make enough. i think that i will make enough to buy it though. and i figure that i can make enough money with the plow to almost pay for itself. i do plan to go legit this spring and get my license and insurance. that is an excellent way of looking at it "huh" hahahahha i liked that
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    Of course you will make enough! Your BRIAN B!
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    Yeaaah, thats right!!!!! i AM BRIAN B!!!!!!!! lol :weightlifter:

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    I do understand that one company can and do offer both services and yes it is a good thing because, just as you stated, you can bring income in all year to help pay for indirect overhead, which also runs all year. My point was not so much the different business model, but the fact that a tool must support itself by the income it produces. If you spend another 20K a year to set up for snow and only do 15K worth of business, that does not work. Every service or product you provide must be profitable on it's own. Any fixed overhead--truck, insurance, rent, can be divided by the percent of use from the service, but a tool that is only used in that service--Mowers, plows, must 100% be accounted for by the income from that service, That is the only way to know for sure if a service is running at a profit.
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    Ive got some good news!
    just kidding with you!


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