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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Brian B, Sep 26, 2006.

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    The only way I depart from that model of each tool supporting itself is in the case of the plow. Some customers want the same contractor fro snow and lawn. for example, the 4000 dollar plow only earns $3000, but it allows you to keep a group of lawn customers that account for $4000 in earnings. The plow that you operated at a loss secured an additional $3000 that you would hve lost.

    You must look at each division of your company and decide what it's value is to your business. To measure that value in dollars only could be short sighted.
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    another thing with the plow. you dont only have them for a year or two. you have them for a long time and then if only make $3000 one year then you got the plow and will have it to keep earning money. another thing is that you can be a subcontractor with a plow and still have a few of your own drives so i think that a plow would be a profitable thing for me to have next winter. i am almost certain that i would make the money back that i spent on it.
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    you could buy a used plow use it a year or two so your not invested 4000 just my .02
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    yeah but still it would be expensive though to get it mounted and all that.maybe not $4,000. idk. ill just have to look at all my options when the time comes and all that.

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