Will It Cut? Episode 1: Hurricane vs Tiger Shark

It’s here! Our very first episode of “Will It Cut?” On the show, we will be cutting some traditional and non traditional materials. We want to find out what a diamond blade will cut and what a diamond blade will not cut. We will be doing everything from racing our most popular diamond blades to see which has the fastest cut, to slicing up fruit, chairs and anything else we could find. Let us know what materials you want to see us cut in season 1.
In episode 1, we raced the Tiger Shark Diamond Blade vs The Hurricane Diamond Blade to find out what the fastest cutting diamond blades are for cutting pavers? The first blade to cut through a standard concrete paver wins! We used Husqvarna K 770 to do the cutting. If I had to make a prediction before seeing them cut, I would have said that The Tiger Shark would win by a couple seconds. The Tiger Shark has a soft bond and is turbo segmented, basically, it is custom made to cut pavers. It cut the paver in 14.54 seconds. The Hurricane has more of a medium bond. It is one of the best combo blades we have to cut both concrete and asphalt. This SHOULD be a little bit of a slower cutting blade for strictly cutting pavers. However, the Hurricane cut through the paver in 9.93 seconds. The Hurricane is the winner by almost 5 seconds!

Some degrees of variance that can change the outcome of the race would be the pressure and force applied by Nelson, our cutter. Nelson said after the shoot that he applied the force as equally as possible. Also, you have to take into consideration that these were the first cuts for these diamond blades. Also, we cut dry, would a wet cut affect the cutting speed and bridge the gap significantly? After cutting 20-30 pavers, would the speed contest have the same outcome? We will have to do that test at another time. It may sound like I’m making excuses for the Tiger Shark, but I am just pointing out some factors that could have changed the outcome.
Nelson, our pro cutter, stated that he preferred the Hurricane Blade because speed is the most important thing to him. These are both great blades that last long and cut super fast. I still think that the Tiger Shark is the best blade overall for masonry and cutting pavers in particular. I think the Hurricane is a top 1 or 2 option in the country to use in concrete and asphalt cutting.
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Weymouth ma
They look like some nice blades. If I was still doing hardscapes I'd be looking at a Huricane blade. Oddest request to cut something was some bowling balls-never happened so I don't know if it would.
Hurricane is our best seller.. I just got a request for a bowling ball haha... now would i hold it down? tape it to ply wood?