Will Lesco Budge on Prices?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by HydroRI, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. HydroRI

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    I have been reading a lot of posts but haven't found the answer I am looking for on this issue. I have started a new business in RI specializing in Hydroseeding & Fertilizing. I purchased a 300 gallon Hydroseeding unit from Turbo Technologies and had great success with it this past summer. I have also been building up a fertilizing program for my customers and any others I can get. (Yes, I have my Pesticide License) I bought a Lesco Fertilizer spreader (the nice stainless steel one) I got it this fall when they were on sale. That was really the first time I bought anything at Lesco. When I checked out the rep took down all my business info and told me that I was in the system and I could go online anytime to view products and to see my price. He explained that I was in a certain bracket for price discounts. I quess the more I buy the better the discount. Anyway, I played around on the site to see what my prices were for certain items. Lets take 19-19-19 for example since I use this product the most. Lesco wanted almost $ 15.00 (my price) I can get a contractor price of 10 or 11 dollars at my local seed shops. Well the bottom line is I am looking for 1 stop shopping and Lesco has everything I am looking for but if the price is that far off I will continue to get products elsewhere. So my question is will they negotiate a better price if they know you can get the same or similar product somewhere else at a better price?

    The other supplier I do business with uses Lebanon Pro products. I was wondering what other peoples opinion is on Lebanon products compared to lesco. I know I like the price better than Lesco.
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    Take your prices from your seed supplier and tell them to match. If they want your business they will try to atleast come close. I do the same line of work here in MI, so i know how ya feel about getting a one stop shop.
    Good Luck

  3. Rtom45

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    We buy from Lesco and companys that sell Lebanon products. We do some price shopping, but particular formulations and minors are more important. I like both company's products.
  4. James Cormier

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    Hydro I will touch on one aspect of your post, If you want " one stop " shopping your gonna pay a little more for some items and a little less for others. Thats the cost of convenience.
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    My experience with Lesco is that they will deal on every price, every time. You need to know your market before you go into the store. Every purchase we make at Lesco gets the price " overridden ". It seems a real dumb way to run a store, but hey who I'm I to tell them their business. I picked up 1/2 pallet of fert one time and made a deal for around $9 a bag. While I was still at the store another LCO came in and bought 6 pallets of the same product. He made a "deal " for around $10.25 a bag and thought he done good. The fert listed on Lesco's site for something like $18 a bag. Sometimes its a pain, you need to know what everything goes for. Whats a fair price for a rake? How much should you pay for a hose on your sprayer? How much per pound is grass seed? etc, etc etc......
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    Everything is always negotiable.

    They will always match a competitors price. LESCO doesn't want to lose your business. Just b/c you are an overall small user you may not get great prices. But if you use quantities of one product you have purchasing power in that particular area. I am forever checking prices, quality and service. Seems service is the scarcest commodity.
  7. qps

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    I quit dealing with Lesco, for this reason....everytime I would stop in to pickup fert. the price would always change.....and it was always a big deal to get them to just keep there quoted price for the whole season...can I go back to my customers three times a year and change there prices...NO...also there computer is always...LOCKED UP....and if you don't watch them they will try to tear you head off on pricing sometimes...my current supplier delivers my fert,weed killer and whatever I need right to my shop with just one phone call.....

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