Will losing mower 'traffic' do LESCO stores in?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Marcos, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Marcos

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    Those of you who are Lesco customers by now have probably read the letter from Deere that was sent out last week. It outlined four basic points:

    1) That all Lesco motorized stuff ( they emphasized the mowers) were all gradually, within the next month of two, going to be shipped over to the nearest Deere dealer.
    2) That the parts, service and warranty for Lesco equipment was now being handled by Deere.
    3)That the only pieces of Lesco mowing equipment that Deere is interested in keeping in production, because of "public outcry", are the walk behinds. (I'm guessing they mean BOTH gear and hydro....?) And...
    4) Lesco, as a result of this action by their 'parent' company, is now letting go of their mechanics. And Deere is being encouaged to interview them.

    But the question lingers now: Will Lesco stores survive after the mowers, and the mowing people, leave?

    I have seen a lot of times that the local stores has had dust on the mowers at times, but that didn't necessarily mean that they didn't draw mowing crews in. They got quite a bit of draw of people in for things like 2 cycle oil, trimmer line, spools, blades, filters, etc for all kinds of mowers and trimmers. And then, of course, they'd be able to sell the foremen, (licensed or not) jugs of Roundup, a bag or two of weed & feed, wasp spray, a pump sprayer, seed or whatever. And because these foremen were not the 'price sensitive, BIG ' customers in the fertilizer /seed (etc) area, I'm sure Lesco had their way with them on price! If they're to survive, where will they go to replace that business? Internet? Retail?
  2. Team-Green L&L

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    Are you serious? Not to sound like an *** or anything, but John Deere has no use for another mower line, they've had the best selling mowers in the industry for 100 years or something. What they could benefit from is the lawn care line of chemicals, which is what they are doing. Companies don't buy competitors for the equipment that competes with them. They get rid of that and keep what compliments, or adds to, there current market. That's just business.
  3. carcrz

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    I don't buy mowers from them anyways, so it will have no effect for me.
  4. Jason Rose

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    That's the problem, it's MORE than just the mowers... I know there's been numerous times Iv'e gone in for a pallet of fert and came out with extra stuff I realized I needed while I was there. Plus it was always nice to "kick the tires" and see prices on the equipment for the future. It's going to be rough having to deal with JD for sprayer and spreader parts, even more so for my Permagreen!

    I think it will hurt sales of Lesco branded fert overall, unless they offer it for sale at the JDL locations as well. Id' rather shop at a place that has everything there on hand as well as parts and equipment. One stop shopping is how I like it.
  5. NJT

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    I hope we can still get Anderson's JDL fertilizer down the road. I truly believe that is a superior product to Lesco.

    I actually went to JDL to get away from Lesco's product and awful customer service. At my local Lesco branch, the little man was ignored. So now Im a little bit bigger man and JDL has my business. Yeah, yeah I know, they're the same company now, but they both still have sales quotas and as long as the same guys are running Lesco, Im not interested.

    Oh yeah, and their mowers were dust collectors. Never seen anyone with a Lesco mower around my parts.
  6. stevesmowing

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    is this nation wide?
  7. Jason Rose

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    yes, all lescos... I guess we are somewhat fortunate, the Lesco I go to (in Wichita KS) is only a few blocks from the JDL. However Iv'e never even been too JDL because they are soooo picky about who shops there. I received their "packet" to fill out to get an account there and felt like I needed a specimen cup to send along as well! Iv'e been in business for about 12 years and I didn't have all the things they "required" me to have in order to purchace from them. Plus, their prices were WAY HIGH on fert. and combo products so I never even bothered with any of it.
  8. stevesmowing

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    I know lesco use to sell great dane products such as the super surfer. I'm guessing JD won't be since they have their own version of that.
  9. Runner

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    I'm sorry,...I was a little confused by the statement of "
    I think it will hurt sales of Lesco branded fert overall, unless they offer it for sale at the JDL locations as well." As far as I know, they WILL be selling the Lesco fert...it will just be labeled as JD from now on. Now, whether it comes from Andersons or not, is a good question - and something that we should look into. i DO know that they (Lesco) sold off their processing plants.

    No,...they will only be carrying some of the original Lesco equip.. :)
  10. Marcos

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