Will Mulch Kits prevent blow-out?

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Fescue Farmer, Jul 31, 2004.

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    I have a pair of 25/52 Super Mini Z's. Interested in mulching kits. Do you have any pics or a description of what it consists of?
    Does installation require drilling?

    I intstalled a Qwikchute on one Z and with Gator Magnums, it does a fairly decent job of mulching, but I get a lot of right front blow out of grass.


    Here is one for your enjoyment :)

    janke turf & mulch 002.jpg
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    I run a 60" SuperZ and used a mulch kit and blowout baffle until this past spring when we got a lot of rain. I began w/ just the mulch kit (baffles which did require a few holes that I think Hustler now pre-drills, but not sure...MowerConsultant can help there...) and also Hustler's Gator blades. I had a lot of blowout, especially from the left front of deck coming all back on me. The blowout baffle almost completely cured it and was a very easy install requiring no additional holes and cheap too. It did exceptional on fall leaves and most everything except thick, wet turf which would clump and dump. If you are grinding up that much thick fescue it has to go somewhere and the clumps will either be stuck in the deck or on the ground. I must say that I ran a mulch kit on a Toro Hydrowalk before the Super Z and it did the same under the same condtions. This isn't exclusive to Hustler, its simple physics. I removed the mulch baffles and installed a QuikChute, leaving the blowout baffle and love it. I also installed some highlift BobCat blades from J-Thomas. They have the same offset as the Hustler highlifts and are way lighter. I haven't noticed the blowout problem you speak of so the blowout kit may be all you need. The only problem I have is when running the OCDC at the partially open setting it really blows back off the "door". Also, the mulching effect w/ the door closed is not near the quality of mulching you get w/ the mulch kit...under ideal turf conditions. Overall I'm better off w/ the options (ie, blowing grass 15' or mulching) provided by the OCDC as its either real dry or real wet around here. Oh yeah....beautifiul stripes...is that just the mower or do you use any type stripe kit, etc?
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    Installing the mulch kit does require drilling, but we make it easy for you.
    The holes are already there, you just need to drill them up to the correct size. the holes are little almost like a small pinhole, just drill them up to 3/8 and your ready to install the mulch kit.
    The mulch kit includes 2 baffles and a discharge block off plate, and of course the hardware and instructions for installation.
    Your choice of blades is the only extra items you will need.
    The part # for the 52" Mini's is 365668 and it has a MSRP of $89.00


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