Will mulching leaves over time negatively effect soil?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Florida Gardener, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Guys, I have a customer with tons of Ficus that gets trimmed 1x/month. I blow all the leaves into the lawn and mulch em up. All lawn areas are pretty much full sun all day and this is prob the healthiest, thickest St. Aug lawn I have ever seen. Weeds are pretty much no problem b/c of how thick this lawn is. My question is, will my practice have any hinderance over the long haul?
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    Shouldn't, but I have no real knowledge of ficus trees in a landscape.

    Only trees I've ever been taught not to mulch heavily in the soil is Oak trees as it can affect the PH level in the soil.
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    If your doing it only once a month it won't hurt a thing. The only problem you may encounter is during rainy season. Since it rains so hard here the freshly mulched leaves will get carried away to a low spot in the yard and build up in that one spot covering the grass.
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    Depends Diamond, I am not sure of the acidity of this leaves, but assuming a large enough accumulation of them I am sure they could cause the PH of the soil to drop.
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    Ficus trees are infamous for several fungi strains. Not sure if it will spread to grass but I do know its a must to clean pruning tools when dealing with Ficus'. Mulching might make thoses spores airborne over a good distance.
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    Only problem I can envision would be grub infestation. They seem to thrive in higher organic matter with healthy grass roots. Ficus decays rapidly so Ph will not be lowered by their use. Oak and pine leaves decay slower, causing acidification, that's how I got south Florida slash pine to grow on rocky ground. My own yard has been a dumping ground for mulched grass, leaves and wood chips for years and I have never seen any bad effects from it.
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    No negative effects.

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