Will my sod live?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by janda, Mar 30, 2002.

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    I am a new home owner. The front yard was sodded (back yard - seeded). What should I do in terms of watering the sod? Amount, how often, what time of day, etc? After a month it still has not attached itself (roots I suppose) to the ground underneath. I just want it to live....

  2. johnhenry

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    Hi Janda
    first with you be in atlanta it should be taking hold if you have given it a enough water and it was rolled properly.Have you had alot of traffic on it and was it even rolled.So many times with sod you are at the mercy of the installer and the nursery which he purchased the sod from I would suggest that you try to keep all traffic of it and water it in the morning.It will need about a inch per week.And if its coming up badly you will have to try and roll it in again. Also buy a rain guage and put it in the yard you might be watering it too much.I hope this helps you some
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    If it is new sod...and you havent been getting any rain..it is best to water it in the morning and evening...but since you said it is month old....i would water once a day..in the morning....soak it good though....new sod needs lots of water for the new roots to take hold...a good way to chek on the sod to see how the roots are doing..is to lift up a piece of the sod..if it hasnt grabbed hold yet..and see if new roots are forming......they should definately be grabbing by now......

    hope this helps

    like he said....all depends on who installed it......a good quality installation....takes hold rather quickly...usually within first 3-4 days...start seeing new roots

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