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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by atlwteboy240, Jul 6, 2007.

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    so i have a sw52-13k, i just got it from a house down the street. i rebuilt the carb and put on new fuel lines and filter, cleaned the sparkplug and put a little bit of gas in the cylnder, put the plug in and pulled. it started right up.

    so after doing some other little things(fixing flat tires and fixing the thing that disngages the blades) i started it to see how it cut, but when i put it into gear and let go of the brakes it wouldnt move..

    when i pull in on the handles i see that the driveshafts from the tranny are moving but wheni let go of the handles and the pullys touch down on the belt the shafts stop moving..what could be causing this??

    i was thinking that the belt that drives the transmission is slipping.

    i havent changed any of the belts yet cuz i want to see if i could get it working good..

    does anyone else know anything that could cause this????

    oh yeah and the engine is a kawisaki 460v or somthing like that...
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    Sounds like the splines on the drive shaft couplers/trans output shaft or axles are stripped if the belt is not slipping.
  3. atlwteboy240

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    ok ill have to check the belt tomarrow to see if its that..

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