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will round up kill shurbs

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i have a customer that has weeds growing all thought her mulch bed that mostly consits of shurbs. i spray round up near shurbs with no problem. i wanted to know if you spray round up directly on a shurb(s) will it kill it..
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Glyphosate ( active ingredient in Round Up) is a non selective herbicide, which means It Will kill everything , it doesn't differentiate between a weed and shrub.
yes, but there are many selective herbicides that you can spary directly on the shrubbery without harming them.
It Kills any thing in it's path and a weaker solution properly will not do the job:eek: goodnight all
Round Up kills about every living thing around. Kid that works for my boss got the sprayers mixed up and sprayed some trees with round up. Luckily we caught the accident quickly waters profusly and saved the trees but the droup now. Just playing around i took a branch off a tree we weren't selling sprayed it with round up and it lost all the leaves by the afternoon of the next day.
Fusilade II will kill Bermuda and other grassy weeds in ornamental beds without harming the plants themselves.

You need to do a search here at Lawn site. Roundup was a growth Regular before it was a weed killer and yes it can be sprayed over the top of many many plants. This subject has been discussed many times before here so I will not add any more.
we spray it over many types of ground cover to rid weeds. Use caution and find out what you can and can't do.
Round up is classified as a non selective but it will not kill everything in its path.
Roundup only works on the leafy green tissues of weeds and plants and is translocated thru those leaves to kill the roots. You can spray a tree trunk till the cows come home but you wont kill the tree because it has not source of entry into the tree bark and is not active in the soil. Depending on the type of shrubs and if you can safely spray the base of these plants to kill the grass without hitting the leaves of the shrubs then youll be fine.
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