Will second skidloader boost profit

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Mike33, May 1, 2006.

  1. Mike33

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    Ive been in landscaping business for 10 years : new yard installs, ret. walls, misc. bobcat work. Im a 2 man company with a hell of a operater, lately ive left him operate a lot instead of him watching me work. I have rockhound, hoe attm.etc. I was wondering if i bought a second machine if my profits would boost. On new yard installs 1 machine could move the top soil while other graded this kind of thought. Is this a good idea/

  2. Scag48

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    You have to sit down and analyze how much more work you can do on top of what you're already doing. Buying a second machine won't do you any good if you work both machines 3 days a week and let them sit the other 2 (in a 5 day work week) vs. having 1 machine work a full 5 day work week. I would suggest buying a mini excavator and start doing different types of work with your investment. Since both machines bring something a little different to the table, you've got a much larger service base, allowing you to offer more services to more people. That was my justification to my old man when we were pondering a 312. How much work can we do that we couldn't do otherwise. So far, it's going to work out.
  3. ksss

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    I agree with Scag for the most part. I run two skid steers. I think the key is having two machines that are geared toward different types of work. I have a 70XT with a 2000 pound ROC. We do our smaller jobs with this machine. It is light enough that we can haul it with out mini ex on the same trailer. We do most of our concrete prep with this machine. We put twice the hours on this machine verse our 95XT that has a 3150 pound ROC. However on large dirt moving jobs or high production truck loading or breaking lava rock we use this machine. So we are able to tailor the machine to the type of work we need to do. It works well. Last week we didn't use the 95 at all. That doesn't bother me it easily more than pays for itself when we need it.

    The point made on the mini ex is also valid. It really depends on what your business is geared toward. If its mostly skid steer type work than a skid steer would be more practical. If you want to branch out a mini ex would make the most sense.
  4. tylermckee

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    I wouldnt really think having 2 skidsteers on the same job would be worth the effort, unless maybe it was a pretty large commercial job. Where i could see you benefiting is from being at 2 jobs at once, assuming your other operator is trustworthy enough.
  5. Construct'O

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    Depending on work load ,having two might be good! If you need to get to next job quickly ,before the next guy gets it.If you don't get there then it's fair game for the next guy.

    Also i have moved one machine over to next job to make sure i got there first .Then it is your job for sure.Just make sure you finish other job.People don't like it when you run off and don't finish thier jobs.Plus unfinished job means you don't get paid until it's done."Get'er Done!!!!!!!!!!!! Get paid!

    Must have enough work to make things work tho,but there will always be slow times also.Just what every you think will work.

    But being able to get the job is a benifit of having two machines being it a extra skid or mini !
  6. Scag48

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    It's a matter of how many jobs you can do in one week with 2 machines as opposed to 1 machine. Obviously, people are going to have different views about what productivity is and how many jobs they can be on, but if you're doing 3 times as much work with twice the equipment, obviously you're boosting your revenue by 50% per machine, that would be worth it. Like I mentioned, if both machines only work 3 days a week and sit the other 2 days because you don't have enough work to fill up the week, it's costing you more to own the 2nd machine.
  7. Mike33

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    Thanks everyone for your in put. I cant justify the mini ex. for my purpose. I have a 8' hoe attm. that works great. yes the ex is a super piece but i cant justify 40k for it. Im a 2 man company intall new yards top soil and seed, and a lot of ret. walls. Im now swaying towards a used 2nd. bobcat especially sine the new 185 i want is 29k on the road. I mainly thought on new yard installs im in the mountain area and tri axles cant always get in where i want the soil, 1 machine could hog the dirt while 1 graded.


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