Will they call or send the letter back???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Trinity Lawn Care LLC, Feb 26, 2006.

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    Recently sent out a letter to all my past customers from last year. At the end of last year the majority actually told me that they would see me in the spring. In the letter I explained to them whether their price went up or not, our new rule on clipping disposal, and the new state requirements as far as contracts were concerned. I sent out the letter about two weeks ago. I have received a good handful, but many have not been in touch yet. I gave them something to fill out and return in the included self addressed envelope.

    My question is do you think that many have just not gotten around to it, or should after two weeks this cause a little alarm? Do you think that weather has anything to do with it? Does it usually take a little bit to get your customers back into the swing of things? Thanks...
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    I wouldn't worry. Same thing happens to me every year. You have a few that call/send back as soon as they get it. Others wait a little while. And there is always a handfull that seem to think they need to wait untill the grass begins growing, at which point they will contact you.
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    Why not just call and follow up with them to remind them about it and make sure they recieved it. This way you can know for sure if you should worry. I doubt you have anything to worry about though.
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    What did you give them to fill out? Is it necessary to maintain them as a cutsomer? If not, then you most likely will not get it back, unless you pester them.

    The first couple of years, I sent out letters in the Spring, "... do you agree to the changes from previous year, do we still have a working relationship?" Hardly anybody returned with anything, letter, phone call, nothing. I paniced when season was to begin because I thought I had lost most of my customer base.

    When the grass was long, then they called, "... are you going to mow this season?" "But, I didn't hear back from you, so I presumed you made other arrangements." "Oh no, we were sure you would come back."

    I changed my letter to read: This is the way it is, respond ONLY if you don't agree. This works fine, no problem. I've only had one that didn't respond who didn't want me to continue, and only informed me after the first three mowings. About three months into the season, they asked to return to my schedule, so I never lost them either.

    My suggestion for next year: reword you letters asking for only negative replies. Presume a positive answer on a no reply.
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    That sounds like a pretty good idea. Thanks for the responses all.

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