will this dry season mean alot of used ztr's for sale

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DLS1, Jul 28, 2002.

  1. DLS1

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    I was researching/determining what ztr to start demoing when I saw a comment from a commercial mower on a garden site. The commercial guy was responding to someone who was looking for best ztr to buy for home use. The commerical guy basically said their may be alot of used ztr's for sale due to dry conditions around his area and USA which I am not sure where he lived. It seems it has been dry here in Missouri/Kansas alot more than last year.

    Do you think his statement is true for your area? Maybe I should keep waiting to see what ztr's will be for sale closer to end of mowing season.
  2. strickdad

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    it will mean alot of repos
  3. Doc Pete

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    And, you should be able to pick new customers next year, since guy's will be mowing "dirt" to pay their ZTR loans off. Customers ain't stupid, they'll switch to good LCO's at the end of the season.....
  4. Richard Martin

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    Up at the corner there were some business cards from "newbies" trying to get started in my area. They are gone now and so are a lot of the scrubs that were running the roads in the spring. When times are good you MUST put money in the bank for when times are not so good. I've actually had a few customers ask me if I'm going to make it through the drought. I told them not to worry, I'm here for the long haul. I may just have to put off buying that 5.0 for another year. No biggie!
  5. Doc Pete

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    Funny I get that, too. I just say no more $100 Saturday nite diners for a while.:p
  6. Since you brought this up, this reminds me a a few buddies here who did not prepair to have work lined up incase of this situation.

    I always line up prospected work that can be done early incase of a drought.
  7. eggy

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    Not sure if you guys pay yourself a salary or just take whats left. If you pay yourself a salary these years a kinda a break try payin yourself a flat amount and leave nthe left over in your buisness account it will have extra from good years in it to help pay yourself the same in the bad years.
  8. sgtgm5

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    Good thing my equipments paid for
  9. Darryl G

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    It amazes me how many people in this business have no capital to fall back on. I guess it's because you don't really have to have much $ to get started in this business. I mean, most other business would require a significant investment up front and enough $ to get through the first year or two. It's insane to have to got out of business because of a dry summer! Sounds like poor businesses planning on owners parts not to have enough $ set aside to pull through a dry spell.
  10. DLS1

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    I know a lady at my full-time job that her husband also works full time and wanted to do mowing part-time. Last year at the beginning of year he bought a brand new 36" Wright Stander and started mowing part-time. During the summer he quit mowing the yards because he didn't like the heat. Tried to sell the Stander for $4,500 but couldn't get the price so he uses it to mow their small Overland Park,Kansas yard. Funny thing is they have a lot at Lake of Ozarks that they go to all the time in the summer with their boat. So people don't always sell because equipment because lack of work.

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