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Will this work?


LawnSite Member
I already have Microsoft Publisher on my computer and it has a website section. If I was to build my site on that program myself would it be compatible with the hosting sites? Has anyone used the program before. It is on my computer already so it would keep costs down. Thanks



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It takes time, you can build sites for free, there are plenty of programs out there will build a site as good or better than publisher, and cost nothing... But it takes time, it's a learning curve... Building a Web site is a bit like working on a car, you start doing it but you realize there's a LOT more to it than meets the eye... So then you keep working on it until one day you're good at it :)


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Meaford, ON
You can use Publisher, Word, Notepad, Wordpad...all will work however very basic results...unless you know your HTML and java-script.

I would download a 30 day trial for Macromedia Dreamweaver and use that...it is great software for beginners as well. Might take a week to get the hang of it...but it comes with some nice tutorials.

Good Luck


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dont know about publisher but if it has a ftp program it should work.(File Transfer Protocol)<----- i think. But its probably not the best to use.