Will this work???


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The answer is no. It's not worth it. Oh sure, it'll work, but when you lift it with a hoist, you STILL have to put something under the edge of the deck to keep it from falling. It is simply foolish to trust a mower free-hanging in the air to crawl under it. Do yourself a favor, and just save yourself a WHOLE BUNCH of time (overall) and headache, and just get yourself a Junglejack. You can even take it with you out in the field, as it takes up very little space on the trailer. It takes about 2 seconds, and your deck is up in the air, LOCKED in, and secure.


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heres an even cheaper one. when you are changing one side of the deck...drive up on the trailer with one wheel and put the e brake on. change for the second side.

cheap, safe and gets the job done.