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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by LAWNGODFATHER, Sep 7, 2001.

  1. Some of us were wondering if we turn off Irr. system to mow lawn if it is on when we come to mow if it will harm system in any way?

    I would have searched but I didn't know what to enter to find out info.

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    Turning them off at the controller will not harm them however you must turn the controller back to auto (or run) before leaving. The system will run the next time scheduled but it will not continue the current cycle.
  3. I'm sorry I forgot an impotant part.

    will tuning off Irr. system while it is running at the water control valve to turn water off hurt the system.

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    A slight possibilty. The soliniod cook off and short. This however is extremly rare.
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    Gotta be careful if the system is on a dedicated well or booster pump. With no flow and a forget to turm back on the pumps can get hot and be damaged.
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    Harold is correct. You need to check and see if the well pump is dedicated to the ir system, (turns on via a contact relay). If it is you will burn the pump up. If the pump is set up for maintaining pressure (via a pressure switch), then you can shut off the water to the ir system as long as the switch is before the shut off valve.

    Ask the customer if you can inspect their system and varify what they have before shutting anything off.


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