Will Virgin Air be paying you for organic lawn care

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by ICT Bill, May 6, 2008.

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    One of my hobby's right now is finding out how lawn care companies can be paid to sequester CO2.

    It seems at the current carbon credit rate, 0.10% of additional SOM per acre equates to $110.00 and .........SOM increases in the soil for 25 to 35 years from establishment of the turf where it begins to level off.

    So Mr. Branson may pay your company $110.00 per acre per year for 25 years to put down little to no fertilizer. HMMMM? makes one think for a minute. what if you increased it 0.3% per year $330.00/acre. One company I just met with has 80 acres that they take care of, thats $26,400.00 a year for less inputs

    That is almost like around here where they pay farmers not to plant tobacco

    Here is a little blurb from the University of Kansas

    Helping to alleviate global warming and climate change? With proper management, organic carbon levels in soils can be increased. Increasing soil carbon levels through a process called ‘soil carbon sequestration’ helps reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Soil carbon sequestration is one of the most cost-effective ways available now of reducing greenhouse gases.
    K-State and the consortium also work with Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, Veris Technologies in Salina, and the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York on new methods of testing carbon levels. But soil carbon is just one part of the picture, Rice said. Nitrogen fertilizers contribute nitrous oxide, another greenhouse gas.
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    sign me up! Get rewarded for doing the right thing. It's such a noble idea.
  3. Organic a go go

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    Awesome post Bill. The carbon-exchange market seems a little shady right now but it's not too hard to imagine a day when consumers can aquire credits for recycling or producing their own clean energy and then exchanging those credits with larger polluters who need the off-sets.
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    we have been in talks with some.. folks that are very interested in my bio char, seems they caught a whiff in the wind some how( that charcoal funnys, it is a smokey process at first). they are interested in capping land fills with the char. it seems like a good idea to pay to trap carbon if you are a big polluter :laugh:
  5. ICT Bill

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    Lobbiest in Washington (of which I am very familiar) have been doing this sort of thing for everything imaginable for a long time.

    This just may be an idea that goes a lot farther than special interest and pays to offset other costs on a global basis. Okay lets start small Des Moines

    It may be a tipping point for less inputs

    Pay me not to apply? Novel idea, That will get the " I will die with a bag of fertilizer in my hand" guys off the bench. Okay I can still apply but much less and I still get paid for it

    TG, you will get this, why are we buying 2 ton trucks to haul water around what if we could do applications in a mini cooper? Diesel, insurance, cost of the truck, maintenance, etc, its a huge amount of money every year

    Why haul already diluted at the shop CT around?

    Mini cooper or Yugo (are there any still around?) and spray 2 to 3 gallon per 1000, spray what ever you want out of it

    10,000 square feet in 10 or 15 minutes, times 4 per hour, 8 hours in the day
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    great points Bill, we use water at the site if it is well water, and does not stink. we are also using strait veg oil in the trucks. no mods!!! and some times we will set up the compost and skip the tea.

    not so funny story, got a 23$ dollar bill for power. and freaked out. 60 cent fuse and we were back off the grid.
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    I was considering the idea of applying ICT from a hose end sprayer if customer has well water. Partially dilute, then set application rate accordingly. Would also work for other app's. Green Guardian,etc. If using municipal water, fill tank at the house. Nothing crazy, say 20 gallons or so. Then de-chlor on site, etc. This would save small potato guy's like me from shelling out big bucks for a spray rig. No gas used in pumps(12v), less gas in truck. All you need is 300ft hose and you're good to go.
    Does anyone do this? Would save alot of money on toting around water like mentioned before.
    I work part time for a power washing business and the homeowners water is always used. Cant see why we couldn't.

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    ok tree gal i know u do all kinds of neat things to not use city power
    i have to know is it a little chip munk on a wheel?
  9. treegal1

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    the trucks that run on SVO. or the wall outlet that is solar.
    and we have a solar charger for the TV CD player and phones when we go out camping or to shows. the satellite box is batteries.
  10. DeepGreenLawn

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    wow, and I thought I was doing good just using organics rather than traditionals. Geez, I got some catching up to do.
    I take it your company is just a little larger than the rest of us Treegal.

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