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I'll work for you if you can give me $60K, with ins., and 401k. Annual raises should not be less than national average. Vacations should not be less than one week starting at one year, and accumulate an additional week every two years.

Will turn current business over to you for additional cash or salary. Equipment extra. Possible employment for wife is a plus.

Willing to do most things in the Green Industry.

Will relocate for 10K more per 100 miles. Will negotiate here if the area interests me. (WI, NC, MI, WA, OR, TN, MN)

I know I am qualified for these requests. It's up to you to hire me. If interested, call or e-mail me and I will send resume.



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Sound to me like you should be targeting some of the big boy's if you feel that you are worth that kinda $$$$ the only companies around here that will even consider something like that are the large property management comp!!!! Good luck hope you find it and if you do let me know I WILL BE RIGHT BEHIND YOU! AAhhh maybe not lol.



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Pinckney, MI
$60K isn't unheard of money if you are good at what you do. But good luck just tossing a posting like that up in here and having anything come of it. Keep watching for openings in the treade mags. A willingness to relocate really helps your chances.

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