will you cut my grass this year?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1MajorTom, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. 1MajorTom

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    Every year for the past 6 years I've sent out spring letters to our customers, telling them we would be starting another season and included any price increase with their letter. This year, I haven't been feeling well, and I was running behind, I hadn't sent a letter. Within the last 2 days, we've received FIVE calls asking, "will you still cut my grass this year?" I was shocked, never realized the calls we would be getting.
    So I hurried and got the letters out today with the increases.

    I've read on here plenty of times how guys just show up and start cutting the grass, and the customer finds out about their increase when they get their first invoice. I'm just wondering to the guys that don't send letters, are you getting lots of calls from current customers wondering if you are still in business???
  2. Grn Mtn

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    It is precisely the reasons you have detailed that I sent out 3 letters this winter to my plow customers mostly so they could remember they actually still did have a plow guy on duty:laugh:
  3. tinman

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    I need to improve in this area. I feel like I am bothering clients if I even call for a good reason. But it is easy for them to forget us , especially clients who have only been with us for 1 year. So I get calls asking if I am doing the service again. I will be doing a newsletter quarterly this year.
  4. Green-Pro

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    I have sent letters out to my chemical application customers in late Jan. also sent out letters on price increases, payment methods, comprehensive maintenance plans, etc. around end of Jan. beginning of Feb.
    We are sending the basic mow and go folks a letter tomorrow, well actually most of the people in the customer database will get a portion of this letter as it details and includes some promotional material on some new services we are rolling out. I had to wait to send these so I could include pictures of samples as part of the promotional material. This will be the last of pre season letters though.

    P.S. I gained at a minimum 2 or 3 customers last year due to the just show up no notice practice of other companies.
  5. dfor

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    I never send letters out. Usually I will call them in March sometime (haven't yet), and only a few calls have come in from the ones that like to get an early start. Only about half my customers get a spring clean-up. Some I don't call at all, but I should.
  6. PGA

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    I send letters out in mid Feb to all my customers. It has their current program and what it costs. I also include a list of other things I offer. At the bottom of the letter in big letters it reads:


    That way there is no misunderstanding.
  7. daveintoledo

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    went out monday, they are starting to call and confirm there spots on my route now...and new advertising starts in this weekends papers...
  8. HighGrass

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    All my packages went out (the last of them anyway) yesterday. This is what they see when they open the envelope...

    Cover Sheet (Instructs them what to do)
    Quote Sheet (What they are paying...all got increased)
    Policy Sheet
    Confimation card (They need to send this back by a certain date)
    Envelope with return address

    We'll se:dancing:
  9. Big Wes

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    I just show up and start mowing, been doing it that way for 16 years, still have all my original customers. They know i'll be coming without a doubt.
  10. Richard Martin

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    I touch base with the previous year's new customers and make sure that still want me but it has never been a problem. Last year I only had to replace one customer that I had let go and I see the customer all of the time so I know where he's at in regards to me servicing his yard.

    In regards to price increases I inform the customer at the end of the season if I plan to increase their price for the next year. I have never had any customer question the increases.

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