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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mikey.hill, Jul 30, 2009.

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    Was just helping a friend of mine who works for a company called clearwire - they're changing their name to clear and rolling out the nations first 4G wimax service. I was running some tests w/ him tonight to see the speeds and I gotta say it's pretty awesome if you like tech stuff.

    Keep in mind this is a mobile device - we were getting download speeds of between 4-8MB down and UP speeds of around 2MB consistently. Had some problems in extremely rural areas but the speeds were still way better than anything that ATT/Sprint or the others have.

    He didn't know how much the plans are but there are no limits on bandwidth at all!! So you can plug your mobile device in when your at home/work ... when you leave pick it up and take your broadband with you wherever. I asked him about a dock- he says they'll have a dock later this year so you can run both full speed at the same time. From what I understand it's not a quite a full national plan yet which kind of sucks but you should be able to get full service nationwide by the end of the year. One thing I should mention though, the actual modem device is slightly larger than a cell phone but it's got a usb attachment that creates a mini wireless network so if you're traveling you can share your broadband with people around you. Eventually phones, car stereos, laptops and other devices will have this integrated in(more on the mobile phone thing in a sec).

    Service is rolling out to amarillo area on friday and dallas/fw/houston in sept. that's the official launch date. Baltimore/Atlanta/Las Vegas already have it and several other cities are slated to get it within the next few months.

    The other thing I wanted to mention is the android platform. Similiar to apples iPhone OS - but open source, free and supported by google it's already causing a big stir in the IT world(and has been for a while). T-mobile already has out the g1 mobile phone which is android based but there are currently 12 or 16 phones that will be launched before christmas with this OS.

    I just pre-ordered a zii egg made by creative. It won't hit the market for a while but they're offering developer phones for 400 on their website. It's got a ton of features like 1080p output ... 64G capacity, 2 cameras front and back(at first thought this was silly but kind of makes sense if your doing a video conference). HD audio, wimax, bluetooth, wifi etc... pretty much all of my dreams rolled into one iphone killer.

    So with all this great new tech stuff coming out I have a couple of ?'s. How do you think this will effect the way you do business? Do you see yourself using this type of tech with your employees(i.e. providing your key employees w/ mobile devices to manage day to day activities)? Do you see any bad effects it might have on your business?
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    wimax is nice, but its not the first and its not the best.

    baltimore and boston already have wimax. the problem is its not past the beltway here and will never be. to exspensive, and LTE is coming out next year from verizon and att...which will be faster, deeper coverage, and more reliable.
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    Have the G1 and love it but I wish Tmobile would get on the ball and upgrade us off the Edge network out here :hammerhead:
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    True, wimax is considered early 4g but once clear launches it will be the most broadly available coverage in the US hands down. From sprint/nextel:

    "Sprint Nextel announced a plan to merge their WiMAX operation under the Clearwire name, with additional investment from five other technology companies. Among the investors are Intel, Google, Comcast, and Time Warner Cable."
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    They made a smart move but pushing out the G1 early but now people are starting to realize that it's pointless if you can't get a decent data speed.

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