WINCH for loading truck/ trailer?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by recycledsole, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. recycledsole

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    Hello guys,
    I was loading my trailer with about 200LB of decomposing leaves in a 16'X20' tarp and thought, what if i had a winch pulling this in here for me! that would be a lot easier.
    im thinking to mount in on my truck. I could attatch it to climbing rope so it could be removable if i didnt want it there.
    i just saw gas powered winches are quite expensive nothing under $1000 for 1,500LB winch. which would be overkill for the application. id say 500LB capacity just to be safe, but prob never lift anything over 300LB into the trailer.
    maybe a boom
    does anyone use this?
  2. Trophy05

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    I'd check into an ATV winch. I have a Warn and it has never let me down when I needed it. I know there are cheaper versions as well.
  3. nnusskern

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    Harbor freight has very cheap ones like under 75 bucks for i think a 1/2 or 1ton not sure hiw good they are but it may work for occasional use.
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  4. knox gsl

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    I've seen some of the smaller ATV winches mounted in a toolbox on the front of trailers for pulling disabled equipment on.
  5. LandFakers

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    I second harbor freight. They look pretty nice

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