Wind Burn or Atrazine burn

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by RAlmaroad, Apr 25, 2007.

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    Guys, I sprayed a 1/2 yard in SC back in February with mild Atrazine to kill common vetch and winter weeds. A week or so ago I notices a skinny football pattern of yellowing (4' x 6-8') in an open part of the yard. Could that be a wind burn and it did turn really cold for a few night back around Easter or would that be a high overlap from the Atrazine. It's not anywhere else in the whole yard. I noticed that some of the other neighboring homes also had some of it which leads me to believe that it wasn't the Atrazine 4%.
    Anyone else in SC with anything like this in their centipede--SCWEEDMAN
    I turned her sprinkler system back on and gave it a little fertilize over that patch. Any suggestions--Strange and Thanks
  2. GTP

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    The same thing is going on here in south GA in the centipede. It can be the beginning stages of centipede decline. I have been treating with just a high rate of liquid iron. If you have some liquid fertilizer with a decent dose of nitrogen, you can include that into the mix as well. Just make sure the nitrogen doesn't get overdone since centipede doesn't do well with too much.
  3. RAlmaroad

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    There are other people in the same neightborhood with similiar. It seems like only the tops are burnt. I'm going down in a couple of weeks-- I would think that centipede decline would not have that geometric of a pattern. Often with patches of green here and there. I'm thinking that a heavy frost and wind may have a role to play in it. Also, in SC we're not out of dormancy just yet. which is yet another factor. Thanks
  4. RAlmaroad

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    GTP: Just got off the phone with the SC Extention Agent for Clemson. Found out that this was showing up this time of year mainly because of a Manganeese defiency. Suggested to use cheated micro nutrients OR do nothing as it would clear up when the ground get warmer. We'll see in a few weeks. Thought you might like to know I do know that St. Augustine needs a light overdressing with cow manure in the fall to provide these micros.
  5. Nathan Robinson

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    Its neithor of any of this especially wind burn. If it was freezing it cold be a melting out but I doubt it. I wouldnt address this matter at all unless it worstens. I am sure it will pass. If the neighbors have it its def not the weed control!
  6. Stonewall

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    I've noticed a little bit of yellowing here, along with some sort of decline problem where the area is depressed and not coming out well. If it was in St. Aug, I would think it was brown patch without the gold ring around it.
  7. RAlmaroad

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    Stone: Extention Agents thinks that it is just slow coming out because of lack of micro-nutrients in that small area and just doing noting untill temps stabilize will take care of it. I may sprinkle a little ant control granulars there. Ever done this. They must have a lot of iron in them as when you do grass turns that beautiful deep green. Try it on a spot somewhere. Not all brands may do this but the ones that I put down have that tendency. Thanks
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    if your centipede was beginning to green-up and this is in the center of an open area, away from buildings, you may have had a wee bit of frost damage. it was coool enough here in s ga over easter that i had some cold damage. DO NOT put nitrogen on centipede this early in the season. the recommendation is 1-2#'s N/1k sft 1-2x's/yr-------AFTER GREEN-UP.

    here is link for an easy chart for centipede. it is from UGA and should be very similar for SC
  9. RAlmaroad

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    Thank nMurph: That was my very first impression. I went to the spot and looked up--nothing. It got very cold over Easter AND I had put down a little fertlizer (1/2lb/K) to get the grass started. The trees, building, etc may have protected everything else on her yard but this large open area may have frozen. I have a little suspision that one of her neignbor's sprinkler heads was mess up and doing a full circle, had thrown water on that area and it may have frozen. His yard has lots of the same yellowing. Who know. I'm going down next week to check on the yards and fertilized as they are out of dormancy and greening up nicely.

    Thanks for the calendar--I fertilized all 5 yards last year about May 1st and again about August. Yea, Centipede does not like much nitrogen. There was much crabgrass on 3 of the yards near the road--The atrazine even in a diluted state has gotten rid of it. I've got to overseed those areas when it gets a little warmer. I'm hoping for a little rain down there as all of those area are not irrigated. I'm semi-retired and only take care of my neighbor's yards as they are older and just pay me for what little chem/fertilizer that I use. No contracts, I even mow for them with the old scag.

    Thanks again,

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