wind direction/effects on lawn quality?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Aug 29, 2005.

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    would the presence of a certain wind direction, or lack of one, have any effect on the quality of lawns in certain areas? with the exception of insect infestation. here is an example: in your area, for a year, there is an unusual abundance of days where the wind is blowing from the south, and hardly ever from the west, or east. or, an unusual amount of easterly winds, with an absense of south, or north winds. would this effect turf quality?
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    In 4 years this has never dawned on me as a problem, thou I did notice some deterioration in the general quality of the turf for a few weeks after Hurricane Isabel hit us in 2002 and there was indeed, a bit of wind to be had thou I couldn't tell you the exact direction, things were likely a bit circular such as in a tornado.

    Are you posing the question because:
    - YOU notice a trend yourself? If so, it may be worth pursuing.
    - ONE of your customers came up with it? If so, I recommend nodding your head and smiling a lot when they talk about it so long it's only ONE customer.
    - Please don't tell me this is a hypothetical question. Thank you, I didn't think it was.

    It might make the blades of grass LEAN somewhat in the direction is the only thing I can think of, and it would have to be a stiff breeze (pun intended).
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    the wind would cause the plants to transpire more moisture. So if for years the wind came from the west the planst would generally adapt. But then it changes and comes from the south I think at first it would hurt the turf but the wind change would have to be over a long period of time. But then eventually the turf would adapt. Just my thought I am still kinda sleepy so bear with me.

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