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Hi guy, <p>I have a '84 Silverado that has always been noisy as h e double eck! What would I have to do to stop the wind noise coming from the vent windows? I have tried new locks and that didn't seem to help, I have tried adding a spacer to get the windows tighter and that didn't help either. Has anybody else had a similar experience?<p>Homer


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I've had the same problem with my '83, and several freinds with the same body style have also. I tried the shims and new locks also, and I found the shims to work the best, but eventually destroy the locks because of the added pressure on them. Another thing to check would be to make sure that your seal around the window is in good shape. I never found the fix for my truck though.


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I was at a auto show the other day, it is a local one held friday nights here in San Antonio TX,, well anyway I saw a 79 chevy with the vent windows removed and a new window installed, I asked the guy how much trouble it was to do and he said that it wasnt bad at all, just had to get window channel in bulk to cover where the vent window was and took it to the local glass shop they fabricated a window for the truck, though I didnt think to ask how much the fabrication on the windows ran him, <p>maybe he will be there next friday,....<p>Abe<br>


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I guess from what I'm reading there are more out there leaking than mine! This must have been a design flaw or something. I never thought about installing an entire window in it. That would solve all the problems. If you find out something I would like to know.<p>Thanks,<p>Homer

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