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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by drobin2390, Apr 15, 2008.

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    Hello All..... I'm brand new to this forum and have been simply amazed at how generous everone is in sharing their knowledge. I've been following the forum daily and have read each thread several times over. I'm retiring at the end of the year and thinking very seriously about starting up a pressure washing business. My master plan is to spend the bulk of my time until next spring educating myself by foloowing the forum and searching the archives, researching and buying equipment, and getting all my marketing materials put together. To start with I plan to concentrate on washing houses and possibly doing decks and fences. I am sold on the advantages of downstreaming and have already emailed Bob at Pressure Tech for help in spec out and price some equipment for me. I plan to start off with professional equipment, offer a professional service, and price my work as a professional. Well, enough about me, I just thought it might be helpful to explain a bit about where I'm coming from in advance. Recently I've been watching the videos Mike put together (which I thought were extremely well done) and have been wondering if you run into any problems with downstreaming when it gets a bit windy? Are there limitations? For the most part do you just need to use a little common sense and do you work on reasonably calm days? Is there a concern for your products drifting onto a house next door in subdivisions?

    I'm certain I'll have a blue million other questions.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Yes sir that wind is definitely something to consider when downstreaming chems. The main thing that I worry about is neighboring cars and sometimes the plants too if the houses are close together.
    I've actually went over to the neighbors house next door to the one that I'm pressure washing, or roof cleaning, and asked them if they wouldn't mind moving their car.
    Most are very appreciative that I am trying to protect their property, and often this can lead to pressure washing there house, roof, or driveway as well.
    I've even cancelled, or postponed jobs because overly windy conditions.

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