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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by bookie203, Jun 9, 2008.

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    What are some ideas for planting in window boxes for local customers? The boxes are 7" deep and 7" wide on the inside. Is this enough root space for most annuals and perrenials? Also, what are some good hanging plant ideas that might work? Most of my customers ask us and we don't know the answers since our main focus is woodworking. Are there some landscape gardeners out there who are experts on this?
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    I like petunias in window boxes. I like how they drape down when they get larger, and give you a hanging effect. You can also add a varigated annual vinca for the same affect.

    I usually steer away from the perenials. The chances of them dieing in the winter is increased when they aren't naturally protected in the ground.

    Anything is going to eventually get root bound, as the season progresses, then the more water they need. The petunias tend to be hardy, and only tend to stop blooming when they dry out, but don't die right away.
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    Make sure to use plastic inserts (and design your boxes to accommodate them). That keeps your boxes from deteriorating and makes it easy to plant them and move them.
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    In the shade use impatients.

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