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    Hey guy I got a Prob, I was going down the road, and I shut my wing window, and it shattered, good thing the tint on the windows kept it from falling out of place, but anyways, Is it hard to Replace a Wing window on a 83 chevy k-20 ? and is it possable for me to pull one from the Juck yard >?
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    Well, if you haven't done it before it can be "interesting", but I wouldn't say hard. There are 5 bolts to remove (not counting getting panel off) that hold it on. 3 in the door sill, 1 on the face of the door at the bottom of the channel and one at the top below the gasket. Get the lower glass out of the channel before you start pulling on it to get it out. It has to come backwards and twist out.
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    If the frame for the vent window is still good,just have your local glass co. or order the glass & stick it in the frame with a little urethane. It takes about 15min. & it's alot easier than replacing the whole run channel & seal.

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