Windows 2000


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My friend, who has very little computer experience, just ordered a new Gateway computer. From what he tells me, it sounds like their giving him Windows 2000. From what I've read W/2000 is not an upgrade from W/98. Its more of a business application. Does any one have any feedback about this?
Win 2000 is not for lamers but IT pros running business networks. It is not plug and play.

I just installed yesterday Win ME 3000 over win 98.
WinME3k is the upgrade from Win 98 and is to be used
for home puters and has all the latest device drivers
for the plug and play applications.

Now one must ask how does stone already have a OS that is
not going to ship until Sept 14?


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Stone. I ordered ME yesterday for $59.00 and change. I have no interest in ME except for the programs ability to save critical files/data, and not allow 2nd and 3rd party software vendors from installing outdate drivers and *.dlls.

So Mr. Stone, since you asked "Now one must ask how does stone already have a OS that is not going to ship until Sept 14"?

I'm ready to listen as to how you are so fortunate to have the new OS. I'm waiting....



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I have 3 computers on windows 2000 and one on windows 2000 server. We like the program but set up is a major undertaking. If my brother was not a full time computer guy we would be screwed. I don't tink that we have had the trouble with crashes like we used to w/98 but its compatibility with alot of current software and hardware is a big problem. I use a digitizer for alot of my dirt work and I am having to do it at home because a driver is not yet available for it.So if your friend has any current application that he is using he better check if it is compatible,his hardware should not be a problem because Gateway should know what works,but if he is moveing anything like a CD read write from an exsisting computer it may not work. Lastly the computer I have at home used to be at my office it is a 233 dell w/64m of ram. It had 32 but I had to upgrade to handle 2000, and after getting our new computers I brought it home and tried to put 98 back on it,you'd have sworn it was a virus,I had to reinstall everything, drivers to whole bit. So if hes going to get it he better be ready to use it.