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    Has anyone ever considered adding the cleaning of outside windows as a service for your customers???

    Got the idea today at Burger King when a window washing company came in and did all the windows... they were quick.. big sponge/sqwigee**, soapy water, dry rags, etc....

    Seems to me, sumthn you could charge well for.. I live in a very standard brick home ranch, but would charge $50 -60 to do mine... could easily do the job in 30-40 mins, no more than an hr.

    I dont think customers think much of this, but if see it on a flyer, they might..
    Im sure alot of people would pay to have it done once a yr..
    Maybe youll find yourself on some lots to do their windows for more money and the same amount of time as to mow their lawns.

    Just thinking of another way to make money.. whats your ideas on it???
    What would you charge if you did do it??
    How would you charge if you did do it??
  2. afftandem

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  3. jeffex

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    I did that as an add on to my pressure washing business one summer. I power washed a ladys deck and stained it then she asked if I would wash her windows. I charged $5 an opening[1998] and used a cotton window buffer and a squigee on my extension poles. All available from home depot. Concentrated windex is cheap. I did the work on a Sunday when everyone was home and 1/2 the neighborhood came over to ask how much. I kept raising the price until they quit asking. I used window washing to fill in a slow period in the summer when my lawns were drying up. If I went inside I still charged $5 per window and they were even easier to clean. I washed their screens but they had to take them out and re-install them. I would charge $8 a window today
  4. Reel B

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    Washing windows would probably be good for single story homes. If you have to get a ladder out and continually move it around the house, you would probably do better trying to pickup another mowing customer. Also, residential homes will probably have screens in the windows, another time consuming problem....taking screens in and out.

    A possibility I have been thinkning about was water softner salt. 1 time a month, about 4 bags with a markup of $2.50 a bag over what you can buy it in bulk for gives you $10/customer profit for 10 min of work. Not a lot more money, but its good money for the time spent. This would work particularly well for high volume folks with a lot of small yards. (Although, it may not work as well in the north, since water softners are generally installed inside the house).
  5. Reel B

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    BTW- Afftandem....what part of Dayton do you service?
  6. aries

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    I don't do window's not my type of thing but if you think it's something that would work for you go for it's the little thing's that make a diff.
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    Did when I started. What a pain in the arrse. I have since hooked up with a window washer that i sub to. He charges 7 a window. I bid at 8.50 and set the appointments. I pay him direct and they pay me. One way I can offer service but not have to actually have the time to perform it. It has worked rather well as he has refered me to several mowing accounts.
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    I have a window cleaning business as well as a lawn care business. Started it about six months ago.

    There was a thread on here about two weeks ago that I explained all about the startup costs and what the potential income is.

    Bottom line is you can make more money in windows than in lawn care because the startup costs are so much lower and the overhead is almost zero. Almost everything you will made doing windows is pure profit.

    Here is the link:

    Read post #28 of that thread.

    Let me know if you have specific questions.

    Good Luck
    Brett Wells
  9. Reel B

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    Wow....I suppose if you can get $5-10 x 10+ windows, that would make it worth the time. I may have to look into this as well.

    Wells.....what are your policies on screens do you have them remove them or do you?
  10. Wells

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    Reel B,
    I have the clients remove the screens before we get there.
    The best way to wash the screens is to lay them on the ground and hit them with the power-washer, it takes about 10 seconds and the screens are done.
    I will typically put the screens back on the windows for the client.

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