1. John DiMartino

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  2. finnegan

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    if its as good as he says then why the hell doesn't he put it on his new truck......
  3. eskals

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    Well, I know very little about snowplows, but I do remember this topic coming up before. The consensus was that a pickup is just too light of a vehicle to handle a wing plow. You nedd a BIG truck for a wing.


    Added In edit: I just saw the little video they had on the website. They show this plow in operation with very little snow on the ground, maybe 2 inches.

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  4. CT18fireman

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    I new a guy in Western Mass who built one for his one ton dump. He used it mainly to push back windrows. It worked well as long as he hsd weight in the back (sander). He would also used it in large lots to save time. I do not know if it would work with a sml truck.
  5. Redmowers

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    There was a large sanitation co around here that had a F350 dump with a Viking (I think viking)snow plow & wing for plowing their parking lot .Its the only one I have ever seen around here,It was a nice looking setup though.
  6. snow

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    I think i've seen that truck in the big truck and equipment trader, pretty sweet setup for private roads, or if you got a contract to plow town roads.

  7. Redmowers

    Redmowers LawnSite Member
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    I dont know if they still have it. It was dark blue or black ,and either a 85 or 86 I believe .I will find out .

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