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Winners of Z Trimmers


Arden, NC
Thanks to all that visited Peco at the recent shows we attended! Each day of each show, we gave away a Z Trimmer and we offer congratulations to the following winners. Your Z Trimmers are on the way!

Power Show- Columbus, OH 1/29 BTS Services- Conneaut, OH
Power Show- Columbus, OH 1/30 Hofacker Electric- Green Springs, OH
Power Show- Columbus, OH 1/31 Bill Dipman- Genoa, OH

New England Grows- Boston, MA 2/3 J. Funis Lawncare- Newmarket, NH
New England Grows- Boston, MA 2/4 Burgess Landscape- Falmouth, MA
New England Grows-Boston, MA 2/5 Derek Briner- Corinth, NY
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