Winning The Lottery Revisited

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Sean Adams, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Scagguy

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    I would take the million for the biz and do this......use up to 5K to advertize and sell the biz. The rest of the 995K, I'd walk into Binions Horseshoe and put it all on one spin of the wheel. Black I think would be the color I'd bet on. After all, Id still have millions left. Correct? That money would be invested wisely. But for one night....I'm gonna live like a rock star or a fool depending on the outcome.
  2. saylorsdad

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    I agree with the others, pay off land, build big heated/ac in shop, multiple mowers, etc.

    I would also contact bad boy "and several other mower companys" and have custom mower built with 120" cut, super air ride seat, ac, radio, weed eater attachments that swing out so I can trim in the a/c. I would limit my business to highway right of way's, state parks, schools, ball fields, etc with large open spots that I can enjoy the new found comfort of not owing a dime and riding in style. I could bid the big jobs competitive since I would be mowing debt free.
  3. cut level

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    I would take care of the family first in-laws and all. Buy a house in everystate of the Mississippi Flyway including a place in Canada. Hunt the ducks from the beginning of the migration til the end.

    I would also buy my wife whatever she wanted.

    I would keep working though so I wouldnt turn into a lazy bum. With that much money I am sure I would have enough of my own work to do around the house.

    DLONGLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    With 2 million dollars. hmmmm . You would actually recieve around 1,400,000 after taxes. So i would put 1 million in a 5.6% CD with a monthly rollover and spend 40k on a new exmark 60" 34hp kawi zero turn, 2 new 48" turf tracers, redmax handhelds, stihl saws, then i would get two bobcat. t300 or s300 with the following attachments: Landscape rake, auger with 6"8"10"24" and 36" bits, trencher, stump grinder, tiller, forks, toothed bucket, grapple, concrete mixer, kage snowpusher.

    I would buy a 24' goosenck 24k trailer and a new f550 with a 10' masons dump-80k
    I would buy a piece of property for cheap(10 acres) and wait for my business to make the money to then invest in a shop when the times right.

    Then when i am 40 and have 10 trucks and the million dollars i put in the bank when i was 18, is now close to 50 million i would retire.

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